Tembusu Work Therapy Programme (TWTP) is a programme under Tembusu Senior Activity Centre,

one of Sathya Sai Social Service’s community based facility.

About Sathya Sai Social Services (4S)

Sathya Sai Social Service (4S) is a voluntary welfare organisation established by a team of professionals who dedicated their time and effort to help the sick and the less fortunate in our society. It is:

A secular and non-ethnic based organisation registered with the:

  •  Commissioner of Charities on 25 April 1996 (Registration Number: 01172)
  • Registrar of Societies on 13 September 1996   (UEN: S96SS0160E – from 1 January 2009)
  • A full member of the National Council of Social Service with Charitable Fund membership.

tembusu work therapy programme (twtp)

Engages Seniors in diversionary work-related activities

The programme was initiated in March 2010 by a group of five volunteers from Starspur Enterprise Ltd. The volunteers taught seniors the skills needed to make soft toys, inspirational cards, origami and other handicrafts.

After receiving feedback from seniors about learning other crafts and skills, new skills such as knitting and crochet, and fuse beads were introduced.

Since then, the programme provided seniors with a platform to not only share and learn skills, but also to interact and bond with one another. Products made by the seniors are sold and sale proceeds are ploughed back into the programme to cover programme costs and into an incentive programme for the seniors.

programme location

The programme is conducted at

Tembusu Senior Activity Centre,

located at


Blk 3 Eunos Crescent

Singapore 400003